CPU Resource Usage

Bev in motion monitors all CPU usage on WordPress, Shared, Reseller, VMware, Hypervisior, and VPS plans. The limitations for each of our hosting options are explained in more detail below.

CPU Resource Restriction – Shared Hosting

Resource intensive websites can lead to server issues and, consequently, can result in account restrictions. Wib in motion allows a maximum of Percent of CPU usage limit on our shared and reseller servers based on the package you are on. Hosting accounts cannot exceeds this limit.At this time, if the CPU usage, or any other usage limit for an account is found to be at maximum for the package you have, we will begin serving your data at a throttled rate. This means that your site will serve content slower until the CPU usage lowers. If this is happening, you may want to contact our sales department to see if another plan or solution maybe better suited for your needs.

Other Limits

Along with CPU, Win in motion also limits the following based on your hosting package:
– Disk Usage
– Disk IO
– Physical Memory Usage
– Virtual Memory Usage
– PHP Memory Usage
– Network Bandwidth
– Number of Processes

NOTE: all information on Resource restriction is subject to change without notice