Web in Motion and Nucleus Information Service Inc are subsidiaries of Fibernetics

Our Head Office postal address is:

605 Boxwood Drive
Cambridge, ON N3E 1A5


For contact information check out our contact us page.

Protecting the privacy of personal information has always been very important to our organization. Having practices and procedures in place to maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ personal and business information is critical, in order to retain the trust and confidence of our current and future clients.

The Canadian government has enacted the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act to provide all Canadians with the right to protect the privacy of their personal information when collected, used or disclosed in the course of commercial activities. This federal law establishes principles that provide guidance to businesses on how they should protect the privacy of their client’s personal information.

At Web in Motion. we establish an information file that contains personal information concerning your account with us. This information was provided by you in order to set up your account. We collect, use and disclose this information to:

  • Provide information on our products and services
  • Setup your account in our system
  • Authenticate you as a client and secure credit terms
  • Obtain authorization to install DSL services on Telus phone lines
  • Obtain authorization to install Cable services on Shaw Cable Connections
  • Administer and support the services that you have purchased
  • Create and maintain records concerning any technical issues you may encounter
  • For debt collection purposes if an account goes into arrears for an extended period of time

Personal information concerning you will only be available to the contact person(s) whose name is listed on the account.

From time to time we may send out mass e-mails to communicate with our current client base on any changes in pricing, services or policies. We strive to keep these occurrences to a minimum and will never SPAM our clients with information that does not pertain to our company or the products and services we provide.

We may also on occasion contact our clients via telephone or e-mail to discuss any problems/concerns with their accounts and to help us maintain a high level of customer service by conducting quality control surveys/correspondence.

If you have any questions, concerns or you require further details on our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Officer at privacy_officer@nucleus.com. Protecting the privacy of personal information has been, and will continue to be, fundamental in the way we do business at Web in Motion.